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2016 Award Winners - Willoughby ArtsFest

2016 Award Winners

1st Place: Johnny Lung

From Johnny’s  Website: “The journey an artist takes is long and yes, sometimes perilous. You have to take risks and chances and see where your inspiration takes you. I have been painting since the age of 12 and started my art career at 26. Here I will share with you my journey.  In some ways, an artists work is like an open diary, it is a glimpse into his mind, his soul, and his hear.”


2nd Place: Jon C. Lund – Lund Studios

From John’s Website: “Ever since the age of 15 in the mid 1970s I wanted to be an assignment illustrator. I wanted to be Roger Huyssen and do the next great Boston album cover or Doug Johnson and do Time magazine covers. Well to my amazement I’ve actually been able to live that dream. Doing artwork for the US Open and the World Series may not be as completely iconic as doing art for 70s arena rock bands but hey, I’m gonna take it any day of the week.” 

3rd Place: Marty Frolick of Old Patagonia Pottery

From Marty’s Website: “Marty takes his work very seriously but also has lots of fun with it. His designs mostly deal with wildlife themes, such as, flowers, plants, animals and mankind. Marty loves nature, so working with his hands and the clay of the earth comes natural to him. He has been interested in pottery since high school.”

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