Food & Beverage Offerings

In addition to the wonderful restaurants in downtown Willoughby, our committee connected with some of the most popular and exciting food trucks and vendors in the Cleveland area! Take a moment to review the excellent offerings and come to the ArtsFest HUNGRY!

Barrio Tacos

Barrio is known for having great food & service. We're also known for our vast selection of tequila, whiskey, and beer. The atmosphere is casual with a unique energy that's created from the combination of our decor, music, and staff. Visit the Barrio website.

Manna Food Truck

Manna Truck began as a partnership between a workforce reentry program of Ohio's largest homeless shelter and a church focused on seeing this region lifted through compassionate action, the Manna Truck is more than just a food truck. The Manna Truck offers hope everywhere it goes. Manna Truck provides a second chance for men and women who have hit hard times. Matt and Julie feel it's a privilege to walk alongside these men and women to help them toward a brighter future.   By grabbing a meal from the Manna Truck, you are creating jobs for the formerly homeless and helping feed those in need. Visit the Manna Food Truck Website.

East Coast Custard

You can taste THE WORLD’S FINEST FROZEN CUSTARD and yogurt at 5 Greater Cleveland locations. No matter what your age, or whether you’re a regular customer or tasting it for the first time, we’re confident you’ll keep coming back to East Coast Original FOR A TASTE OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Click here for the East Coast Custard Website.

DiLauro's Pizzeria

DiLauro's Pizzeria is a family owned and operated mobile wood fired oven service. Bringing decades of experience in the restaurant industry to this venture, Adam and Tiffany will cater their services to any type of event you are planning. Specializing in the techniques of traditional century old methods, our pizzas are cooked in a 900 degree wood fired oven, and finished in under two minutes. Our custom built trailer and imported wood fueled oven will add an incredible atmosphere to your event, serving pizza the way it should be, straight out of the oven. Click here to visit DiLauro's Pizzeria Website.

Lil Grandpa's Kettle Corn

Li'l Grandpa's Kettle Corn is a family owned business. We take pride in making fresh and delicious kettle corn at every festival we attend. Visit Li'l Grandpa's Kettle Corn Facebook Page.

Gray House Pies

At Gray House Pies we are working to resurrect the simple pleasure of a homemade pie. Nothing real fancy but yet something scrumptious. Something felt deep inside. Something that satisfies our very soul. Of course, when it comes to satisfying the soul, there’s no cutting corners. That’s why all of our pies are made “from scratch” with the purest of ingredients. And, that’s why, for example, we make our own butter crusts and we peel fresh apples for every apple pie. And that’s why we only use organic milk and local free-range eggs in our cream pies and local free-range meats in our pot pies. Equally important is what we DON’T put in our pies. Our pies contain No preservatives, No fillers and No canned fruit. Visit the Gray House Pies Website.

Snowie Daze

Snowie Daze, LLC offers a summer-funtastic dessert truck and cart from which we sell freshly shaved ice with self-serve flavorings! Kids from 1-100 love to color their own cup of ice with spigots right on the bus or cart. This interactive concept was developed by the good people of Snowie (in Utah) and we offer their awesome flavors that make an icy allergen-free fat-free treat. Visit the Snowie Daze Website.

The Almond Shop

Cosmic Kettle Corn

We start with superior ingredients for a superior product. Non-GMO, locally grown and sustainably farmed. Visit the Cosmic Kettle Corn Facebook Page.

Island Delights

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