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Art by Anna

Discipline: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking


I grew up near Cleveland, OH. I am in my second year of my BFA at Miami University. 
I enjoy how creating art makes it so easy to explore my inner thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is hard for me to convey my thoughts, but when I pick up my paintbrush or pencil, that barrier fades away. My brushstrokes are my voice, and the colors I choose give a life to the stories I tell. I draw from past experiences, memories, and current struggles and triumphs. I have a voice, sometimes shy, that I want the world to hear me -all while reaching new audiences.
People are all around us, and each face is so unique. I am so interested in the curving lines and shapes which form a face. I can reduce the human form down to its most simple form. These themes repeat in a lot of my recent works. Most of the things people do or say become overlooked nowadays. Distractions are all around us, and we are always “busy”. I am an artist who takes a step back from distraction to become the observer of my own emotions.