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Corie Kline Art

Discipline: Collage, Fiber, Leather, Media


I love turning something ordinary into art!

Before this techie world full of social media and online stores, I sold my pieces at art shows (still do). My parents were crafters in the 70’s and 80’s and worked craft shows on the weekends, with Mom selling tole painted wood items that my Dad would cut in his wood shop. As a kid, I roamed the festival grounds, spending my babysitting money on handmade jewelry and puppets. Art shows are like shopping malls, full of one-of-a-kind items created with love, and the people that made them are sitting right there, smiling at you, hoping that you buy their little pieces of magic. Art is like that for me. It doesn’t exist until someone makes it. I only buy my purses and jewelry from artists (stay out of Kohls, ladies). When I travel, I avoid buying t-shirts and magnets as souvenirs. Instead, I find that shop or artisan event and buy that charming London necklace from the Englishman standing right there manning his booth all day. My home is full of little pieces of art that I have collected and adore and remind me of where I was when I got them. So to grow up and be an artist myself, wow, that’s just living the dream.