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EarthFire GreenWare



Our tiles and vessels are hand made and hand glazed. All work is constructed using cone 6 stoneware clay. The process starts by selecting a leaf or other object to work from. We begin making the tile by rolling the clay into a slab using a slab roller. The clay is then cut to size and the impression of the leaf is then modeled into the clay. Our glaze technique requires more depth than the thickness of most leaves create. Using modeling tools we press the leaf edge deeper into the clay. The shape and texture of the vessels are also formed at this point from the impressions of leaves. We shape the flat leaf into vessel forms. The vessels and tiles are now placed in a drying oven. When the clay is bone dry an initial wash of glaze is applied to the impression to accent the veining of the leaf. The work is then bisque fired in a kiln to cone 04. After the bisque firing the tiles are hand glazed using translucent glazes and fired to cone 6. The copper stems used on some of the leaf vessels are hand forged from recycled copper. The stems are adhered into a socket formed in the clay when it was soft. We custom frame the large wall pieces using reclaimed wood. All work is created by the combined efforts of Mary and Jeremy.