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Karpathian, Ltd. (WataTees)

Discipline: Collage, Fiber, Leather, Media


Karpathian Clothing and Watatees.com are brought to you by Karpathian, Ltd.

The Karpathian Clothing brand is a variety of classic designs to inspire creative and fun expression. Check back frequently for new styles and designs. Keep an eye out for different lines created by established or aspiring artists. Thanks again for checking out Watatees!! Thanks for checking out my page, it means a lot. Over the past couple years, I’ve put everything I have into watatees… time, money you name it. It pretty much consumes every aspect of my life, for now. My typical work schedule is: print till 4 am… pass out covered in ink… roll out of bed the next morning and start designing and creating artwork before I even have my coffee. One time I… no lie… designed and printed for 36 hours straight, slept for 2 hours to wake up to stand out in the cold rain for 12 hours trying for a chance to sell shirts at a local event in Cleveland. I do all the graphic work, prepare the stencils, print every shirt, maintain the website and everything else that is watatees.