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Pat Broughton

Discipline: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking


I create abstract art. Working for 10+ years as a research and development engineer made me a disciplined experimenter, and as an artist I continue to experiment via drawing, painting, and collage.

My work usually begins with rudimentary shapes, forms, or marks. As I explore their properties they often mutate and interact in unexpected ways. When I observe something interesting happening on the canvas or paper, I often photograph it. At some point I will then reproduce it as either part of, or as the focus of, a new work. Sometimes, just seeing multiple works near each other through my peripheral vision will inspire one or more new works. In this way my discoveries continually compound and combine to yield new ones.

The subject matter is kept deliberately cryptic because I want to create things the viewer hasn’t seen before, sparking their imagination. I hope to build a visual world which is strange, playful, intriguing and enduring.

I am based in Cleveland, Ohio.