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Jen Florentine Studio



Jen Florentine is an Ohio based abstract artist who hopes to bring forth a personal story in each of her paintings – a visual dive into her subconscious. Each work is started by laying down paint in a carefree and expressive way, letting the paint and tools decide what it wants to become. The first few layers are the most freeing and I’m guided only by my instinct and emotion, one brush stroke leads to the next. A lot of experimenting goes on with each piece – what happens when I do this or that? Then a great deal of building followed by much more editing.

Often inspired by nature and her surroundings, with a  heavy influence of her graphic design experience . Color plays a significant role in her artwork and the palette is established as the painting develops. Her paintings consist of many layers, primarily acrylic, on occasion implementing charcoal, pencil, ink and pastels. Each painting is a complete surprise when finished, telling the story of how I am feeling or what I am experiencing at that given time.