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Last Chance Leather

Discipline: Collage, Fiber, Leather, Media


I’m Kate Disch, the designer and maker of some of the finest leather purses and bags that can be found on this planet. I’ve been the head and heart of Last Chance Leather for more than 30 years (plus another decade, but I’ve stopped counting).

I have traveled countless miles, set up at many arts-and-crafts fairs, and sold hundreds of bags. Now I’m going to focus more on my custom-bag business, creating purses and backpacks that are made-to-order.

If you don’t know what your want yet, take some time to look around the Gallery. I’ve put up lots of photos of various styles, colors, textures, and clasp options. And if you’re still not certain about the color, just contact me and I’ll ship you a swatch kit of leather pieces.