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Linda O OH, Linda

Discipline: Jewelry, Metalworks


At the insistence of clothing designer Steven Stolman, Linda, a successful executive in the fashion business, finally left to pursue her original love, jewelry.  She began by selling her creations at Steven Stolman’s boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.  Never turning aside an opportunity to learn or to advance her business, Linda acquired the technique of hand crocheting Fine Silver and 14k Gold-filled wire to create her pieces.  While mastering the skill, she also developed her own unique designs utilizing; gemstones, fresh water pearls, and Swarovski crystals.  The woven necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are known as her Fine Art Collection.

Linda and her husband Stan traveled across America in a 1969 Catalina convertible, with the dream of leaving behind Corporate America and creating a new business.  This time it would be their own!  The overwhelmingly positive acceptance of her jewelry has allowed Linda and Stan to fulfill their dream and continue making jewelry full-time.  They run their business, Linda O…Oh, Linda, from their studio in Wickliffe, Ohio since 2004.