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Mostly Maille

Discipline: Jewelry, Metalworks


Pamela is the artisan owner of Mostly Maille.

She creates jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and finger rings, and accessories (bookmarks, juggling balls, and keychains) using the ancient armor techniques of chainmaille and viking knit.

From the 3rd through the 17th century, soldiers in Europe, Rome, and Japan used chainmaille as their primary form of armor.  Thousands upon thousands of small rings were woven into heavy metal protective garments.

More than 1,300 years ago, Vikings wove long stretches of wire, loop by loop, into jewelry for famous and powerful Viking leaders.

Today, Pamela uses these ancient armor techniques to make wonderful and unique wearable jewelry art and accessories from Argentium Sterling Silver, Pure Copper, Gold Fill, and Aluminum.  Swarovski crystals and Semi-Precious Stones are sometimes added for a little sparkle, shine, and color.

Pamela is a member of The Toledo Craftsman’s Guild.

When she’s not making jewelry and vending at art shows and fairs, Pamela loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and extended family.  She considers her three dogs to be her “Office Manager and Assistants” since they are always underfoot!  To relax, Pamela enjoys reading books with paranormal creatures (vampires, werewolves, fairies, trolls, elves, witches, etc.).

Mostly Maille:  Ancient Armor made New…Just for You!